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Kimono Rental Waka

Introduction of rental plans

Women must be at least 145cm (kids 100cm) tall to wear a kimono.
Men's must be at least 155cm (kids 110cm
) tall to wear a kimono.

Women's Plan

​This is a rental plan for women's kimono, including hair ornaments.

Yukata is a casual summer kimono
Yukata rental season is from June to September.


​ ​ 

Women's Plan ¥6800

 ・Booking discount ¥1000 off( ¥6800 → ¥5800 )

rental list    There are no additional charges for items listed.

・着物 - Kimono ( summer season is yukata )

​・帯 - Obi  (main belt)  ※2 types : hanhaba-obi or heko-obi

​・襦袢 - Underwear 

・飾り - Ornaments (obi-code, lace, etc )

​・髪飾り -  Hair Accessory

​・バッグ​​ - Bag

​・履物- Footwear (shoes)

 ※Free hair styling service


​※You can use an obi called otaiko-obi.
Other than the obi, it is the same as the women's kimono plan

​ ​Women's 【Otaiko-obi】Plan ¥7800

 ・Booking discount ¥1000 off( ¥7800 → ¥6800 )

rental list    There are no additional charges for items listed.

・着物 - Kimono

​・帯 - Obi  (main belt)  ※Otaiko-obi

​・襦袢 - Underwear 

・飾り - Ornaments (obi-code, lace, etc )

​・髪飾り -  Hair Accessory

​・バッグ​​ - Bag

​・履物- Footwear (shoes)

 ※Free hair styling service


Women's Hakama Plan

​Hakama is a pleated skirt worn over a Kimono.

The kimono is the same for both the hakama plan and the kimono plan.

The difference is whether or not to add a hakama to the kimono you choose.

There are fewer types of hakama to choose from if you are under 150cm tall.


​ ​ 

Women's Hakama Plan ¥8800

 ・Booking discount ¥1000 off( ¥8800 → ¥7800 )


rental list    There are no additional charges for items listed.

・着物 & 袴​ - Kimono & Hakama

​・帯 - Hakama's Obi

​・襦袢 - Underwear

​・髪飾り - Hair Accessory

​・バッグ  - Bag

​・履物 - Footwear (shoes)

 ※Free hair styling service 

Men's Plan

​This is a rental plan for men's kimono, 

Yukata is a casual summer kimono
Yukata rental season is from June to September.

​ ​ 

Men's Plan ¥5000

 ・Booking discount ¥1000 off( ¥5000 → ¥4000 )

 ※Hakama for men is not available  

rental list    There are no additional charges for items listed.

・着物 - Kimono ( summer season is yukata )

​・帯 - Obi (main belt)

​・羽織 - Haori (kimono jacket )※

​・襦袢 - Underwear

​・巾着 - Bag

​・履物 - Footwear (shoes)

※Haori is not available from June to September

kawagoe | kimono | yukata

※Our store is mainly aimed at adult women, so if you want to choose from many types of men's kimonos, please use other stores.

Kids Yukata Plan

​※Limited period from May 20 to early October

※This plan is limited to  under 12 years old


​ ​ 

Kids Yukata Plan ¥4000

 ・Booking discount ¥500 off( ¥4000 → ¥3500 )


rental list    There are no additional charges for items listed.

・着物 - Yukata 

​・帯 - Obi  (main belt)  ※ heko-obi

・飾り - belt Ornaments  ( girl only )

​・髪飾り -  Hair Accessory ( girl only )

​・バッグ​​ - Bag

​・履物- Shoes size over 18cm  

​We recommend that you prepare sandals that you are used to walking in.

​※Our store is a kimono rental store for adult women.

We only have a few yukatas for children, so if you want to choose from a wide variety, please use another store.

What time is the return time?


Return time is 17:30.
In July and August, the return time will be 18:00 if you come to the store in the morning, and 18:30 if you come to the store in the afternoon.

If the return time is exceeded, an extension fee will be charged.

You will be leaving after wearing a kimono and having your hair styled.
If the time from the departure time to the above return time is less than 3 hours, no extension fee will be charged for up to 3 hours from the departure time even after the return time.
(For example, if the return time is 17:30 but the departure time is 16:00, you will not be charged an extension fee until 19:00, 3 hours after 16:00)
※However, the maximum extension time is until 19:00.


・​Booking discounts

We will give you a discount just by making a reservation.

¥1000 off

(Kids Yukata is ¥500 off)

Discounts when you bring your items

If you do not rent footwear such as sandals, boots, or wooden sandals

¥300 off

*Kids Yukatas are not eligible for discounts.


Zori sandals and kimono socks

Free Rental

Not available in summer

​※Not for children


Geta wooden sandals ( Size is over 18cm )

Free Rental

Available in summer

Socks are not available


Boots ( Size is over 23cm )

Free Rental

If you want to use it, please prepare socks.

The boots have a heel of about 5cm.

Rented footwear may hurt your feet, so if you are concerned, we recommend using your own shoes.
If you use your own shoes, you will receive a ¥300 discount.

*Kids Yukatas are not eligible for discounts.

Hair styling Free service 

 ※Hair styling for women only.  not available for men.

※Classic Japanese hair styl ( maiko & geisya styl ) cannot be done 

KawagoeKimonoRental | Hair styling
KawagoeKimonoRental | Hair styling

If you would like to have your hair styled by our staff, please prepare a photo of your desired style before arriving at the store on the day of your visit. There is no problem with preparing photos that are not from our store.

​※Please set your bangs yourself.

※There is a charge for wigs

About the types of kimono we handle
Tap or click text for details

Women's Plan is You can choose from 2 types of obi.

There is no additional charge for either type of obi.


はんはば帯 - Hanhaba Obi ( right side of photo )

​It is a casual obi that is pre-folded in half called a hanhaba-obi.

 It is a belt suitable for tying in the shape of a ribbon.

へこ帯 - Heko Obi ( left side of photo )

It is a soft belt called Heko-obi.
Creates a fluffy knot that takes advantage of its softness.

You can choose any color you like for both obi.

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​What is Women's【Otaiko-obi】Plan ?

kawagoe | kimono

おたいこ帯 - Otaiko Obi


​With the Otaiko-Obi Plan, you can use a otaiko-obi with patterns such as embroidery on the entire obi width.

The shape of the obi on the back is a square

Hanhababa obi and Heko obi are the most casual obi, while Otaiko obi is more formal than the other two types.

This obi is tied differently from the obi in other plans, so some decorations are different from the women's plan.

You can change to the Otaiko-obi plan by adding ¥1000 to the women's plan.

Otaiko-obi plan is Other than the obi, it is the same as the women's plan.

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my shop does all the work alone.
therefore,it takes longer than other stores with a lot of staff.
However,the kimono dressing is more polite then other shops!
we are waiting for the use of thoes who do not mind taking time.

Please check this article for required time​ → Instagram English article

Tap here for Terms of Use

How to reservation

Reservations can be made one monthin advance.

For example,if you want to use it on August 12th,resarvations will be accepted from july 12th.


Please send a ① to ④ message from Instagram or LINE.

①What date and what time would to visit?


 Please write your full name (passport may be checked on the day)

③Telephone number (Overseas number OK)

④How many people? (For example, Women's Kimono ×1, Men's Kimono ×1)

 If you are using a child's yukata, please also indicate your height. (For example, boy 130cm, girl 110cm)


Once your message has been sent, we will contact you with instructions on how to cancel.

We may not be able to respond immediately after sending. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please contact us again.

cancellation policy

To cancel your reservation, please send us a message by 13:00 the day before your visit.
After 13:00 the day before, Cancellations made after 13:00 the day before will be charged 5,000 yen per person.

I do all my work alone. We may not be able to reply to messages immediately. very sorry

Only one group available at the same time.

We are sorry, but you cannot use it if someone else has already reserved it.

Visiting time inquiry

Please let us know the date you want to use and the number of people (men and women, respectively) in a message.

​LINE ID : kimono.waka


​@ kimono.waka


Even if you make a reservation, there are customers who cancel without notice on the day.

Please follow the rules after making a reservation.

If the number of such customers increases, we regret to inform you that we will refuse to accept customers from outside Japan in the future.

(If there are more customers with bad manners like the above, we will disclose the customer's reservation account and name without hesitation.)


Staff speaks only Japanese.

​Responding to messages

We will respond in English using Google Translate.

For face-to-face conversations,

we use a translation machine called 【pocketalk】.

【pocketalk】 is an AI translation machine that can translate over 50 languages.

In order to ensure smooth communication, we recommend that you prepare and use Google Translate for face-to-face questions to the staff.

kawagoe | kimono | language

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