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​キモノレンタル和香 利用規約




The terms of use are written in English below.

Terms of Use





 ◉ 夏季(7・8月)は返却時間は午前中ご来店の方は18:00午後ご来店の方は18:30です。

 ◉ 12月31日から1月3日までの年末年始の返却時間は17:00です。



















Kimono Rental WAKA Terms of Use

Regarding Return Time

Kimono return time must be by ◉17:30 or 3hours after Payment(peyment is after put on kimono), so please return to the store by then.

 *Please note that the period written below is exception: 

 ◉ July and August: by 18:00 for AM visits, 18:30 for PM visits

 ◉*1 From December 31st to January 3rd: by17:00 

*1: Temporary closure may occur.

If you go over return time, you will be charged an extension fee:500 yen / 15min (per group)

Extension time is up to 19:00

(Prices may change for special plans and event days, so please check the explanations for each plan.)

Please be sure to contact us if you are late for the return time.

If there is no contact, we will consult with the police in consideration of accidents and incidents.

(For those who are not residents in Japan, the Kimono rental period is only for the day.)


Regarding Dirt and Damage to Items


Excluding the original dirt, stains, and damage (such as aging, frayed threads, etc.), please be sure to report any dirt or damage when returning.

If it gets wet with sweat or rain (excluding mud splash), minor food stains can be removed by normal washing, so no damage fee is required.


​In the case of irreparable damage, stains requiring professional cleaning (e.g. stain removal), contamination with body fluids such as blood (except sweat)

You will be charged 10000 yen for Kimono, 5000 yen for Obi, and 1000 yen for underwear.

All Kimonos and Obis have been washed and inspected, and damage has been identified. If you intentionally fail to report any stains that you will notice when you take them off, you will be charged 20000 yen at a later date.

If you are worried about blood stain during period, please feel free to contact us when dressing.


Regarding Accidents During Use


We are not responsible for any damage caused by the customer in any accident during rental use. Please use it with due consideration for safety.


Luggage storage including clothes


We can keep your unnecessary luggage for sightseeing in a locker with a key.

We are not responsible for theft or loss of your luggage, so please manage your valuables yourself.

Large luggage that does not fit in the locker can be left in the room, but we will not be responsible for theft or loss. Please be responsible for your own management.

Please manage the key of the locker by yourself. If you lose the key, we will charge you 3000 yen for the key creation fee.

Once again, please be careful not to lose the key!

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